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    BigDataLiteVM: Impala start up error?


      I hope that this is the correct forum to ask a question about the Bigdatalite VM: I have just downloaded, installed it and started the VM with no problems but whilst exploring the environment it appears that Impala may not be fully configured correctly.


      When clicking the Impala Cloudera Query UI option, simply nothing happens


      And then looking at the Impala1 services in Cloudera Manager it appears that some services are stopped.  Specifically, there appears to be two daemons (Impala and Impala State Store) which are stopped but when trying to start them I get the error


      "Command failed to run because service impala1 has invalid configuration. Review and correct its configuration. First error: Service impala1 has 0 Impala Catalog Server Daemons. Impala requires at least 1 Impala Catalog Server Daemon."


      I don't yet understand the Impala environment or its configuration or how to troubleshoot it: have I simply missed a startup script or something or can someone point me in the direction to try and resolve this.


      Many thanks