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    Limit Dimension POV to selected members


      I want to limit the members all users can select under a particular dimension when viewing a report.



      When I use User POV and limit it to "Selected Members," it doesn't limit it at all! If a user's FR preferences in workspace are set to view all members in that dimension in their User POV selection, they can view all members!


      When I set up the grid POV and limit it to "Selected Members" the user has no way of selecting which member they'd like. A prompt doesn't appear like it does with User POV, and there's no link at the top of the report for users to click on.


      When I setup the member selection in the columns, it works fine. But why would users have to view two separate prompts to set up their point of view?



      What is the "best practice" to limit the members available in a report's Point of View to a select few?

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          Altair Ribeiro

          I have this issue too, and I solve this with a workaroud: Create a Group in SS or AD and add the users or groups you need, then create a MAXL script and save it on the server, every time u refresh security filters for the planning app run this MAXL script after.


          create or replace filter 'Demo'.'Basic'.'fff'

          meta_read on '"New_York"';

          grant filter 'Demo'.'Basic'.'fff' to group $groupname;




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            You know, I just figured it out. You need to use Grid POV when you set up the report. You set your dimensions to "Member from a List" and select the members you want. Make sure Grid POV is checked though! And that you select a member in the Grid's POV in FR Studio. Then render the report, you'll only be able to select the members from the lists you've created.


            What I didn't know was that this renders a grey bar just above the grid itself where you select the members you want to see. As far as I know, there's no way to set a report-wide option to limit the POV of all reports simultaneously. Which, quite frankly, is unacceptable.

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              If you go to FR Studio > Task > Set Up User POV, you will be able to filter the report POV but only for the user who is editing the report

              => It's better than the small grey bar above the report so you don't have to select POV twice but only one time. Now we should find a way to propagate this parameter to the other users. But I don't know how to do it and where this information is stored...