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    UPK Product Questions


      A couple of questions about the abilities of UPK:


      • Can you have in application support automatically pop within application when a user accesses a certain page or do they have to look for help themselves?
      • Is it possible to have in application support and EPSS for a browser based application?




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          Adwait Marathe

          Hi Nehemiah,


          If In-Application Support is configured for the said Application, user needs to click on the Help link/button from within the application to launch Context Sensitive UPK Help. Depending whether the Context ID's are captured through ExactMatch or SmartMatch, you will get the most appropriate UPK Help.

          There is a way to implement In-Application for many Browser Based Applications. This methodology is known as SmartHelp. Using the In-Application Support Player Configuration Utility, you can enable SmartHelp for multiple browser based Applications.