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    Multiple FOI multiple infowindows

    Robert Hantink



      This is probably a cry for help in a vast void, because i don't see that much answers in this part of the forum. But I'll give it a shot:


      I am using mapviewer for a project which uses a lot of MVThemeBasedFOI's stacked on top of each other, however i want to be able to show infoWindows too.

      Is it possible to let the user just click on a stack of layers and then he/she is confronted with a popup that ask the following:

      'We found multiple layers underneath from where you clicked. Pick a layer which you want to see as a infoWindow:

      Layer 1

      Layer 2

      Layer 3'


      Then after the users picked the right layer it will show the right infoWindow.


      Hope you can help me out,




      I feel like a castaway sending out a message in a bottle on this forum.

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          I have the same problem, I guess there should be any way to it because is very common to have several layers in the same point and you should be able to choose which one you want to process.

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            I've been trying really difficult things to trick this behavior. At the end looking for new functions that weren't in the documentation I found it: MVMapView.enableMultiThemeClickable(boolean). They should update the documentation because there are a lot of functions implemented that aren't there.


            You just need to enable it and it will work fine!