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    Accessing oracle linux files from windows machine and vice versa, using dual boot and over network


      Hi, I have installed Oracle Linux (OL) 6.5 in my desktop with windows 7 initially installed.

      I also have a Dell laptop where I have installed only windows 7. I have formed a wired network using my both the devices (obviously for faster data transfer.)

      I have the following concern:

      1) How do I access Windows files (in NTFS) from the OL OS (in my desktop)?

      2) How do I access the OL files (in desktop) from windows 7 (in laptop)?


      I have found many softwares which allows you to access data on the LINUX system from your windows system. So I have a solution for this.


      I have also heard about SAMBA and I went to the site: www.samba.org , but again I am unsure if this will give me the right version I'm looking for oracle Linux.



      Please help me as soon as possible.


      P.S.: I am an Electronics Student, have very little knowledge about operating systems, working in linux for the very first time, installed oracle linux as it provides easy ways to handle database (which is the most important part of my project.)