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    iSupplier Password Maintenance.


      The umxlhelp and posbpr workflows are used (among other things) to mail supplier users a temporary password.  The expiration on this password is currently 3 days.  Some are thinking this is not long enough and would like to extend it to 4 or 5 days to cover the situation where a user requests a password change on Friday morning but does not deal with it until Monday late morning or afternoon.  I have not been able to find this setting anywhere. This is for 12.1.3 applications.

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          Kabeer Khan

          You can simply use the System Profile Option "POS: Supplier User Account Password Expiration Days" to set the Password Expiration Days to the desired # of days you want.


          1. Here's the navigation - Go to System Administrator responsibility > Profile > System > Look for Profile Option "POS: Supplier User Account Password Expiration Days"

          2. Upon query, set the profile to the desired level and save your changes.



          Kabeer Khan


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            Hi Kabeer,


            Thank you for the response.  However, I believe this profile is for a normal password expiration.  What I need is where you would set the expiration of the password change request from the supplier and an email is sent out to the supplier and they have 3 days to go in and change it.  We would like to make it 5 days.