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    Refresh / Loading members using OutlineLoad Utility



      I have developed a script to load department and account hierarchies (using Entity as Department) using Outline load that is executed on a daily basis so that if there are any updates in the source system then that can be updated in Hyperion Planning app. We also have planning unit hierarchy defined by Departments and Accounts. Also, we have web-forms defined where we have departments and accounts are used for data entry.


      There is an option /R which will delete all members but as per documentation this will delete all approval statuses. Also, as members are defined in web-form, system doesn't allow to delete the members.


      One of the main issue faced is that due to frequent changes to department  and acc hierarchy it is observed that few members that were deleted in source system remains in Hyperion Planning.


      Any help / suggestion is appreciated.


      Version: Hyperion Planning





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          Celvin Kattookaran

          Why would you cherry pick department members in Planning webforms? Can't you drive that selection using functions available?

          Why not use the Delete Descendants/Delete IDescendants/Delete Level0 in Operation?


          Create a load file of the format



          Department,Engineering Department,Delete Descendants


          This will delete all members under Engineering Department, then you can load members. (You cannot refer members which are used in webform)





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            Thank Celvin for your reply.


            You are right. Leaf level Departments are not used in web-forms and most of them are in Page section. But how about the deletion of approval status as per documentation? Using the approach suggested if we are in middle of budget / forecast cycle and if any member is moved between/across parents or is deleted, what would be the potential impact to change statuses (approval process) and/or planning unit hierarchy?





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              Celvin Kattookaran

              If you are deleting member which are used in your planning unit hierarchies, then yes those will be removed.

              I think if you delete a member (no matter which method you use) those are going to be deleted. Issue that you'll have to worry about is the movement. There is an option to load planning units using outline load, or you can use LCM export the planning units and then import them back once the movement is done.





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