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    Autorefresh BI Publisher report


      Hi All,

                I have built a BI publisher report which will show current status of the business process. Report is getting displayed on big screen where every staff member can see the latest status. Underlying data of this report is automatically getting refreshed via scripts/cron job every 10 minutes etc. Now I want this BI Publisher report to pick up latest data automatically i.e. report should show latest data without human intervention. I do not want user to close and then open report again to get latest data but want some sort of  automatic referesh to the report.


      Any idea how can we auto refresh the BI Publisher report ?  



      Thanks a million for your help.

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          This is the answer I got from Oracle Support. Any other suggestion/thought is welcomed



          There is no seeded functionality in BIP to refresh a report output for an already submitted job.
          The only way to see the new data is to schedule the report to be re-submitted. but then the user must open and check the latest job output so this is not possible using BIP seeded functionality.
          There are other products which display output of a BIP reports in specific user interface, e.g. a dashboard. Example on such product is Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition(OBIEE).
          I can picture this being a feature being possible via a dashboard, in which a BIP report is displayed and the dashboard itself refreshes every X minutes .
          But cannot tell if OBIEE or any other product like it, having such feature.


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            As far as i know and without doing any scripting. what you are asking for in BIP is not available


            And as the Oracle Support have explained, you can do this feature using OBIEE Via Dashboards, you can control it through the logging type i believe so.


            Thank You

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              We manage to get is done as suggested by Oracle. We created a OBIEE dashboard and text field within it and following HTML text did the job...


              <META HTTP-EQUIV = "REFRESH" CONTENT = "600">

              <Iframe  width=1500 height=1000 src="https://yourhost.com/analytics/saw.dll?bipublisherreportlink.xdo" >