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    Attributes not refinable in EQL join view




      I am creating a studio application in EID 3.1, the application has two data sources, I have joined the two data sources together in a custom view, but the attributes in this new view are not refinable, even if they are set as dimension attributes. Can anyone confirm if this is expected?

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          As far as I know:


          - For the Available Refinements component, you can only use Base views. So any custom view attributes will not be refinable from there.

          - For data displayed on other components, I think an attribute can only be used for refinement if it is in the original data - in the base view. Brand new attributes would not be refineable.

          - All Selected Refinements are against base views, but can be triggered by matching attributes in custom views.


          So for example, your source data (base view) has a Country attribute, and you create a custom view that has the same Country attribute. For components that use the custom view, the Country attribute would be refineable, and would generate a refinement against the base view.


          However, if you generate a new attribute with new values, it would not be refineable.

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            Thanks for this it has effectively Identified my issue, the Excel files I was loading in had spaces in the header titles, when I created custom views based on this data, Endceca won't let me use spaces in custom view attribute names. Because the names in my custom view did not match the names in my base view it was treating is as a new attribute therefore it was not refineable.