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    what's the Source Column records used for


      Hi Expert


      I am the beginner about Hyperion My task is load the EBS GL data to HFM through FDMEE.


      I defined a Source Adapter without input values on both ODI Pakcage Name and ODI Project Code. Then I know I need to add column and table names in tab Source Column at the bottom of the page Source Adapter. I have below questions:


      1. In my eyes, the source adapter is useless for my task, am I right?

      2. What the source column really used for?

      3. What column and table should be input in the Source Column area. In my eyes, the column name should be SEGMENT1 ... SEGMENT* which are defined in EBS Flexfield Segment. But I have no idea about the table name. Please correct me on both column and table names.