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    LVM diskgroup not listet in /dev




      we are using a VMWare 5.1 guest SLES11.3 x86_64 and try to use LVM with ext3 as a datastore for database datafiles.


      The problem is that the LVM VolGroup do not show up in /dev


      We can see the vm devices in fdisk and created a volgroup to add the disks.


      But the VolGoup will not be mapped to /dev/ORAPOOL but we do not understand why


      lboptb01:/dev # pvs

      PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree

      /dev/sdb1 ORAPOOL lvm2 a-- 60.00g 0

      /dev/sdc1 ORAPOOL lvm2 a-- 20.00g 0

      /dev/sdd1 ORAPOOL lvm2 a-- 10.00g 0


      lboptb01:/dev # lvs

      LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Move Log Copy% Convert

      u01 ORAPOOL -wi------ 89.99g 


      lboptb01:/dev # lvdisplay

      --- Logical volume ---

      LV Name /dev/ORAPOOL/u01

      VG Name ORAPOOL

      LV UUID Y0Bwrl-i410-7cEn-nUK2-nu4G-Nqqr-ZUNzhy

      LV Write Access read/write

      LV Creation host, time lboptb01, 2014-04-24 14:17:40 +0200

      LV Status NOT available

      LV Size 89.99 GiB

      Current LE 23037

      Segments 3

      Allocation inherit

      Read ahead sectors auto


      Thanks for advice