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    Deepak Mirchandani

      Hi, Need is : we need to fetch all the documents associated to a user, type being inbound or outbound and the subject containing special characters === We are running this query in search: dDocName `CMS`   ( dDocType `outbound` dDocType `inbound` ) (xClbraUserList `&EMP1_CRT_DMA(R)` xClbraUserList `&EMP1_CRT_DMA(RW)` xClbraUserList  `&EMP1_CRT_DMA(RWDA)` ) ``   xSubject `===` result: we are getting all the records with varying subject values, but we need records only sufficing this condition.i.e.subject value being ===. Is this issue pertaining to special characters? Pls provide your valuable inputs. Thanks in advance, Bharath