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    How to Change URL of BPA after clicking on Open Document in PO Notification for India Localization?


      In the Purchase Order Approval workflow notification , there are two links at the bottom of page under heading REFERENCES,
      - view PDF
      - open document

      So when we click on open document, the Oracle Forms loads and  purchase order screen will appear in the screen.

      In case of India localization, for standard PO the India local screen opens, where we can see the taxes by clicking on Taxes Button.

      But in case of blanket purchase agreements, when we click on open document link from the notification,we are routed to the application with the screen of global purchase order, instead it

      should go to Purchase Orders(Localization).
      We want to move to the India local po screen for BPA.

      So please let me know, where I can change the URL for Blanket Purchase Agreements.