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    How to find the reference value in OAF Flex Map setting


      I have a requirement to add a DFF on the Buyer Work Center Update Order Header page. If the status is 'Closed', I need to display a DFF to enter some information. Otherwise, no need to display DFF.  I found an example In Doc ID 972936.1 section B for 'Create Standard Purchase Order' in BWC.  My requirement is to add DFF in the "Update Order Header" page and I am having problem to find the reference value for order status or closed code. What would be the reference value I should be using?  The case in Doc 972936.1, the reference value is PoDocStyleHeadersVO.StyleType. How would I find the reference value? I have tried ${oa.PoHeaderMergeVO.ClosedCode}, ${oa.PoHeaderMergeVO.DocumentStatus} and ${oa.PoHeaderMergeVO.Status} but none of them works.  Thank you for your help.