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    Import Error on regarding Identifier too long


      I have an application that is both in production and development.  In development I made a series of changes that I want to move to production.  I deleted the application in production and then went to import the application export from development.  The export runs quickly but without errors.  The import runs fine until creating supporting objects.  At that point I get an error...


      Install Summary states...


      This is one of the packaged applications that I have unlocked to make changes too, however, the error is not a factor of the packaged application as it works fine on the development environment.  It is a problem with the application export/import process.  How can I resolve this???


      The detail shows...

      create or replace trigger aiu_eba_proj_status_verifications

      after insert or update on eba_proj_status_verifications

        for each row



        -- cascade update to project


        update eba_proj_status set updated = localtimestamp

        where id = :new.project_id;



      ORA-00972: identifier is too long


      alter trigger aiu_eba_proj_status_verifications enable


      ORA-00972: identifier is too long

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          I found on the export side if I went into the Supporting Objects that I could access the installation scripts.  In there I found that the packaged application shortened the name verifications to ver for the supporting object script, yet the changes I had made ApEx created a supporting object script for but did not shorten it.  This appears to be an ApEx bug, but it can be overcome by modifying the supporting object scripts on the export side.

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