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    Loading of ICT transaction issue


      HFM Experts,


      Appreciate some guidance and advice:


      We are implementing the ICT module for our client.  As you can appreciate, there will be a large volumn to transactions being loaded and the only sensible option is to use an ICT load file. I extracted an example of the load file (to obtain the format layout).  Now here is the issue..

      I accidentally left out the transaction date of each line item and was able to load the file SUCCESSFULLY to HFM. The ICT module does not like it and these transactions are not appearing in the "Manage Intercompany" screen; I can confirm that they are in the database as HFM advises that those transactions are there. They will re-appear when the same transactions are re-loaded with the transaction date.


      Question: How can you force the HFM to reject the ICT load file without the transaction date?


      Kindly assist please


      Appreciate in advance