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    outlineload utility error - Unrecognized column header value "Base Currency"


      Outlineload.cmd /A:<app>  /U:admin /D:Entity  /I:D:\Import\Entity.txt /L:D:\Import\Entity.log /X:D:\Import\Entity.exc


      This is what I see in my EXC file for the exceptions. However, I can't find anything wrong with the Base Currency column header value in the Entity import file. Any suggestion greatly appeciated. I have read through other posts that talks about unrecognized column header value but those are specific to alias column or needing a space after column etc., I could not find anything about Base Currency.


      The funny thing is I exported from DEV and re imported same file back to DEV with no change, even after that this is the same error I am getting. Clearly the application is rejecting the header value  while it can export the same thing.


      [Tue Apr 29 23:59:32 EDT 2014] Unrecognized column header value "Base Currency".

      [Tue Apr 29 23:59:32 EDT 2014]Unable to obtain dimension information and/or perform a data load: Unrecognized column header value(s), refer to previous messages. (Note: column header values are case sensitive.)

      [Tue Apr 29 23:59:32 EDT 2014]Planning Outline data store load process finished with exceptions:  not all input records were read due to errors (or an empty input file). 0 data records were read, 0 data records were processed, 0 were accepted for loading (verify actual load with Essbase log files), 0 were rejected.