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    Unable to import Schema in Oracle DB 11g XE Enterprice Edition


      Using expdp command i exported some schemas in windows os system in oracle db 10g XE express edition the username and password of the schema is atg_core.


      i cant able to import the schemas  in linux system using the command impdp and remap_schema it not showing any error but the command is not working


      i checked the ORACLE_HOME its in /opt/apps/OracleHome/oracle11/product/11


      i checked the permissions for the commands impdp and expdp -rwxrwxrwx for both.


      in sql i have created new schemas and gave all privileges


      create user nx_core identified by nx_core;

      grant connect,resource,dba,imp_full_database,exp_full_database,create session to nx_core;

      grant all privileges to nx_core;


      i put the .dmp file in this path /opt/apps/OracleHome/oracle11/admin/XE/dpdump and i have created directory in that pathin tha name of dirdump


      when i excute this command im not getting any errors but its not working


      [pts/1][13:17:05:oracle@inchnsirnex3 ] /opt/apps/OracleHome/oracle11/product/11/bin>impdp atg_core/atg_core@XE schemas=atg_core directory=dirdump dumpfile=ATGCORE.dmp logfile=impdpCORE.log remap_schema=atg_core:nx_core

      [pts/1][13:17:22:oracle@inchnsirnex3 ] /opt/apps/OracleHome/oracle11/product/11/bin>



      pls anyone pls help me in this its urgent ...................

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