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    OWB Software with the compatible version must be installed ...


      Need help urgently..


      getting this error when creating repository (step 8 of 11)


      Error Message:  OWB software with compatible version must be installed locally on the database server machine.  If it is installed, please acquire the DBA user credentials, and run the SQL script owb/UnifiedRepos/remote_owb_install.sql. on the database server machine.  This creates a database directory named 'OWB_REMOTE_ADMIN' that the remote installation will access to read the database servers OWBHOME/owb/bin/admin directory.  Relaunch the Repository Assistant or execute OWB scripting command OMBSEED to seed the repository.



      OWB version on Server and Client is the same

      DB server is in Linux while Client is in Windows.


      Based on the OWB11g Installation and admin doc, I've done the following

      1. Unlock OWBSYS and OWBSYS_AUDIT

      2. clean_owbsys.sql

      3. cat_owb.sql

      4. reset_owbcc_home.sql

      5. remote_owb_install.sql 'REMOTE_OWB_HOME'