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    Designer model to Sql developer migration

    Wes Fang

      tools and versions:

      oracle database: 10gr2

      oracle designer 2k

      sqldeveloper v4


      I am following the documentation outlined here:



      Starting on page 14, I am able to launch the import wizard, select my old designer repo owner connection. I am stuck on step 2."select workarea". There are no options here for me to select and click next. see screen shot




      What am I missing?




      edit: i'm starting to realize this might be a compatibility issue as the tool is too out dated. true?


      any advice on how to approach this problem would be greatly appreciated


      edit 2: ok I found this link:



      Assuming this actually works, the migration path is:

      1.3 (desigenr2k) .-> 6.0

      6.0 -> 10

      10 -> sqldeveloper