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    Question on OUD 11gr2 virtualization and synchronization abilities

    Sudipto Desmukh

      Hi All ,

      I had a basic doubt about OUD having not used it in our projects -


      As per http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/id-mgmt/overview/whitepaper-oud-434007.pdf


      OUD, together with Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) and Directory Integration Platform (DIP),

      provides unified directory services and uniquely combines virtual directory, meta-directory, and

      data storage capabilities. Being a Java solution, OUD simplifies multiple platform support,

      deployment, and ongoing maintenance. OUD, OVD and DIP are part of Oracle Directory

      Services Plus (ODS Plus) suite that also includes Oracle Internet Directory (OID), and Oracle

      Directory Server Enterprise Edition (ODSEE).


      Question here is does OUD by itself have the ability to connect with other LDAP diectories or database ? If it relies on OVD and DIP then why use OUD ?