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    Oracle TNS format not getting recognized

    Sameer Sai

      Hi All,


      I have two installations in my system:


      Oracle 10g

      Oracle Forms and Reports 6i - Oracle8


      I am not sure in which order its been installed, it came with my office windows installation directly.


      The problem is with the TNSNAMES.


      The tnsnames.ora file is being picked up from the "C:\Ora10g" location only (10g installation location).


      But the tnsnames which I have mentioned in the file are not getting identified. I am getting the error "TNS could not resolve the service name".


      And if I replace the tnsname for (eg: UAT) with UAT.world, then its getting identified. Which means I understood that this format is checking with Oracle8 version. There is no issue with tns format.


      Now my question is what are the settings that needs to be changed to make this file getting parsed with Oracle 10g installation.


      Please help me...