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    ADF Rich Faces Templates


      Using oepe kepler 4.3.

      Tied to create a jsp page as in the tutorial

      Problem is cannot find ADF Rich Faces Page in JSP Templates Page of Preferences Dialog.

      When I click on the templates link, all the ADF rich faces are missing.

      How can i import these templates and why are they missing in the first place.

      Thank you

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          The ADF Rich Faces Page templates are under ADF templates. How can I access them when I create a new jsp page

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            Please let us know the version of OEPE you are using.


            In the latest, version,


            1) First create an ADF Application using the menu File->New->ADF Application, say Test


            2) In the resulting Web project, navigate to TestWeb,>/WebContent. From the context menu, launch, New->ADF Page .

            The resulting wizard has the option to create a JSPX page and shows all the ADF Page Templates.


            Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for the update. I am using


              It seems that the tutorial manual needs to be updated since it says: "Right-click the WebContent node in the Project Explorer and select New > JSP file"

              and not ADF Page as you suggested.


              when I followed your suggestion, I did get the right templates but now I have run into another problem when trying to add the ADF faces form to the page.


              After selecting the login bean created earlier, pressing The form action button does not allow the creation of a navigation case as suggested in the  tutorial but gives

              a blank popup with the title "select an action outcome". There are no fields to fill the navigation case.



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                I guess you have to create a navigation rule separately.

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                  Yes, I notice the option to add a navigation case in the Form wizard is missing. Also, the tutorial doc is not current. I will log bugs to address these.


                  Please continue to post your issues to the forum. Also, it would be helpful if you can share the nature of the application you are planning to build on ADF.