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    Oracle coherence cache clear based on key set on OSB service




      I am new to Coherence and configured my OSB service to cache values based on few keys. Now later stage on testing, I am seeing if I change the value on DB level, next calls to service are not reflecting the changed value because cache is still having old value.



      Could you please help me how

      1. Is there a way, Coherence cache auto cleared for a particulate key/column if there are any change in DB level. we don't want to clear the complete cache, we need to clear cache for specific key.


      2. if above scenario is not possible where coherence see the change in key at DB level and clear its cache for that particulate key, in that case, is it possible to clear coherence cache for a key from the coherence directly.. This can be done manually...



      The above solution we need to have a maintenance free option to clear cache for a particulate key... we see options from console where we can clear the complete cache but that's not what we want to achieve.