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      • 15. Re: Error while installine WebCenter Sites..

        Hi Suchith Shivakumar,



        Class path resource cas.properties cannot be opened because it does not exist

        This problem will occur in the middle of installing oracle webcenter sites. The complied jar files of CS and CAS files need to be deployed into the application server like oracle weblogic servers manually. The application server checks cas.properties files to initialise the cas application. The initialisation will be failed if the cas.properties file couldn’t be found or opened.




        The cas configuration files like cas.properties are located under the /bin directory. This directory should be specified in the callpath.


        1. Open /bin/startWebLogic.sh in a text editor and search for the following line (located below the Start Derby section):


        On Windows


        2. Modify the line by adding the following path:


        3. Final line
        On Windows

        CLASSPATH="C:/Users/Bharath/oracle/webcenter/sites/bin; %SAVE_CLASSPATH%" 

        On Mac/Linux

        CLASSPATH="/Users/bharathmandava/oracle/webcenter/sites/bin; ${SAVE_CLASSPATH}" 

        4. Save the file startWebLogic.sh and restart the oracle weblogic server.

        5. The login into the weblogic console (http://localhost:7001/console) and goto the deployments section.

        6. Check the CAS application check box and click on Update button to redeploy the cas application.

        7. If the problem is occurring again even the properties file exists. Check the permissions of the cas.properties and give full access to read/write/modify.



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