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    Place order giving OM error


      While submitting order through Oracle iStore , we are getting the below error.


      Error messages from Order Management

      Error in Line: 1.0 :You are not allowed to update Order Line.

      There is an error in order submission.

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          Hello Rahuljith,


          Check the setups of the Processing Constraints in Order Management as discussed in this document -



          OEXOEORD: Unable To Book Sales Order - You Are Not Allowed to Update Order line Because : &REASON (Doc ID 292934.1)





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            These one we have all ready tried ,but no scope.


            We have tried to delete the attribute that have null value,but the system is not allowing to update the field values or removing the line from order line entity.

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              KwS -Oracle

              Hi Rahuljith,



              To verify this issue is resulting from an OM processing constraint, one would want to match the constraint_id shown in the debug file
              to the constraint on the processing constraints form. Then one can determine if it is a seeded constraint or unseeded processing constraint and actions to take.
              One would place the cursor on the record that is shown under the conditions tab at the bottom of the processing constraints form.
              One can do Help > Diagnostics  > Examine, select Field = CONSTRAINT_ID and the value should match the CONSTRAINT_ID in the Debug Message.
              This is the record one will need to delete.  Delete the record and save. Next, go to Order Management Responsibility and navigate to
              Setup > Rules > Security > Generate Constraints Validation Packages.  Submit the request.  Once it completes, retest the issue


              If the debug is not showing lines like:

                 CONSTRAINT ID:1022


                 LEAVING OE_MSG_PUB.ADD


              and it is very important that is shows RESULT:1, then one may not be encountering a processing constraint.

              One may be encountering an issue like Note 1563174.1 - "There Is An Error In Order Submission" While Placing Order In Oracle IStore 12.1.3 .


              Hope this helps.

              Best Wishes,

              KwS - Oracle

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                We have all ready done the same action plan and now the issue is removed.