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    Issue with components not selected/auto checked in an import configuration


      Hi All,


      We need some inputs regards this issue which we are facing .


      We are importing a Configuration for a PTO model via Order Import process ( we populate the oe_headers_iface_all, oe_lines_iface_all) tables with relevant details like : top_model_line_ref , component_code , component_sequence_id etc fields..

      We are seeing that the order gets created successully within OM module when the Order Import process completes.

      Also the order line linkages in terms of PTO Model & its components are showing properly in oe_order_lines_all table with top_model_line_id , orig_sys_line_ref , link_to_line_id , ato_line_id etc populated properly..


      Lets say we have the example as below :

      PTO Model

          ATO Model

              Option Class - 1

                component - 1

             Option Class - 2

               component - 2


      Now when users opens up the Configurator within Order lines for the PTO Models..we are seeing that the components like component -1 , component - 2 are not auto selected/auto checked when the configurator page opens up.


      The BOM for the same model is defined properly in the item validation org as well as the shiping org..


      2. When we create an order manually within OM module in Online mode for the same model and configure the same components. after configuring/selecting these comps, when we open up the configurator again to see the details , we see that selected components have the checkbox auto selected/checked within configurator.


      ***Summary : Could someone please help as to what could be the issue that Oracle Configurator within OM module doesn't show auto selected/checked the components which are a part of the valid configuration for a given PTO Model.