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    Resizing images from a Blob within classic report

    John Dreamflight

      Hi Guys, i'm looking for some help on resizing images in reports.

      I've followed so many different tutorials & i'm obviously missing something really obvious as i can not get any of the solutions to work for me. the main solution that i'm coming across is adding this into the page html header


      <style type="text/css">

      .apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA  td[headers="BLOB_CONTENT"]img


        width: 5px;




      I've setup an instance on apex.oracle.com & have recreated the same problem i'm having

      i was wondering if anyone could take a look & let me know where i'm going wrong


      Workspace: DREAMFLIGHTTEST

      username: help1

      Password: W3lcome1!


      its for a project i'm working on with a kids charity i'm volunteering with, usually i'd pay for support & assistance but as this is a volunteer thing i'm on my own with it