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    What is best way to handle possible multiple fulfill billing responses


      We have implemented the O@A PIP on OSM 7.0.3.  We have the 2 phase billing scenario however we have encountered the situation where in fulfill billing, sometimes the billing account is in a billing cycle in the external system and sends an error message.  We want to capture this 'bill cycle' response and send it to OSM where an interim milestone update will be sent to the CRM and the task suspended until the complete response is received.  Then later when the processing is complete, the system will send a billing complete status to OSM for the fulfill billing function. 

      So we are wondering what is the best way to do this?

      1. One option would be to change the fulfill billing mode to ASYNC and create a Billing Order Response Task that has initiateWait automation and response automation. The SITask would have the request, undo, redo automations This would look very similar to provision order process.

      2.  Another would be to leave the SITask as is with the AIAEBMRequest, Response, etc and create a  Billing Order Response Task with an initiateWait and response automations.  The SITask would transition to the SIResponse task only if the response received is bill cycle. 

      The issues that I see concerns the correlation id and tracking sequence numbers.  Since most of the time there will only be one response from the billing system and only occasionally 2 responses, OSM needs to be able to track these correctly. IS there a way to do this? Also for correlation id.  Can someone explain why the RequesEBMID is used for all but the provisioning Order?