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    Remotely: Error 1017 username/password; login denied. Locally: Login works with username/password


      First let me explain that the system I am talking about is on a seperate network with no access to the public internet so posting log files and the such will be out of the question, but I can type whatever needed information.


      I had an Native OLE DB\Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle connection set up in SSIS to pull data from an Oracle 11g database and everything was working fine and then it stopped. Now when I test the connection I get "Test Connection failed because on an error initializing provider. ORA-01017: invalid username/password; login denied". I have also tried it with a .Net Provider\OracleClient Data Provider with the same result.


      The people at the site of the Oracle server tried logging in with my username/password and were able to login. They say it is a problem on my end, even though I did not change anything. I say it is a problem on their end since I am obviously hitting the Oracle server with a 1017 error, but they say they did not change anything.


      I am not an Oracle person, but this is very strange to me how they are able to login and I am not with the same account information. Not to mention that it was working and now it is not. I imagine that a firewall or port issue would give me a different error. Could a policy have been implimented that put some sort of wrapper on my login information when it is transmitted? The network and policy people are always implimenting thing without our awareness. Given the error and situation, where would be a logicall place to start looking for the problem on my end (A) or theirs (B)? And if it is on B then what do I tell them to look at, the listener.ora file? Does anyone have any direction or suggestions?


      I have spent a week of Googling on this and have read many articles but I still am no closer to solving this issue, so any help would be GREATLY appreicated.