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    Registered array not visible in CAM


      Hi Team


      I am facing an issue while registering 2500 and 61X0 series storages in CAM installed in my laptop. I am able to ping the controller IP. During the registration process CAM is abe to find out the storage with its name and firmware details. But after finishing registration it is not showing up in CAM. Registered storage systems table is blank in GUI but I can see the storage in rasadmin device_list in CLI. I have tried all below steps but didn't helped. Need your help.


      1. Uninstalled all java versions including 1.7 & 1.6. Re-installed only 1.6 update 20 which is required version for CAM.

      2. Re-installed CAM software.


      Still the issue persists. CAM version:


      Also help me to find out the link for downloading SANtricity ES Storage Manager 10.77 from Oracle site.