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    Secure connection from Windows to Unix based Oracle




      I hope this is the correct forum to post in for this. I am a .Net developer and I have need to authenticate to an Oracle DB on a UNIX server from a Windows server.

      I have a requirement for an excel spreadsheet that takes in a large amount of data and creates a pivot table and several worksheets a few times a day.

      It is saved to a SharePoint site where users can download it. We will be moving to SP 2010 in about 8 months but I can't wait for that (of course) and am not convinced that would help this issue.

      We are currently on 10g but in the process of 11g. The solution will likely run on 11g (place is nuts..nothing is certain)


      I cannot pass credentials using ODBC because it is clear text.

      The Oracle instances do not have Oracle Advanced Security turned on.


      Is it possible to pass a username/password from the windows server to the unix server securely (encrypted).


      Thank you!