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    Oracle Reports Scheduled Jobs desname to webdav of Oracle UCM


      Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to use webdav of Oracle UCM as desname in Oracle Reports scheduled jobs. My objective is to put all the generated reports from Oracle Reports to UCM using webdav.


      I tried to run the link below on my browser and there is a message "The report is successfully run". But when I checked in UCM there is no file named testWebDav.xls in the Contribution Folders/EB/test/


      Is there any configuration needed in the UCM? Currently I did not change anything in UCM, I'm using default configurations. If there's a need to configure something can someone help me in a step by step way because I'm a beginner in this product.


      I hope someone can help me


      Additional Details:

      Oracle Reports Server version 11.1.2

      UCM Server version 11gR1-

      WebLogic Server Version: