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    Help calling a report with spreadsheet output in forms 11.1




      I'm currently calling reports 11 from forms 11 with DESFORMAT "pdf" as shown below, and it works fine:


      report := Find_Report_Object(p_report_navn);


         Set_Report_Object_Property(v_report, report_execution_mode, batch);

         Set_Report_Object_Property(v_report, report_comm_mode, synchronous);

         Set_Report_Object_Property(v_report, report_destype, CACHE);

         SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(v_report, REPORT_FILENAME, '<reportfile>');

         Set_Report_Object_Property(v_report, report_desformat, 'pdf'); 

         SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY( v_report, REPORT_SERVER, '<servername>');


         v_rep_rtn := Run_Report_Object(v_report, p_paramlist);

           if (v_rep_rtn IS NOT NULL) then

          rep_status := Report_Object_Status(v_rep_rtn);

          WHILE ( rep_status IN ('RUNNING','OPENING_REPORT','ENQUEUED') ) LOOP

             rep_status := Report_Object_Status(v_rep_rtn);

          END LOOP;

          IF ( rep_status = 'FINISHED' ) THEN

             Web.Show_Document(konstanter.webrepurl||'/getjobid'||substr(v_rep_rtn, INSTR(v_rep_rtn,'_',-1) +1)||'?server='||'<servername>);


            message(Error: '||dbms_error_text||', rep_status: '||rep_status||', SQL err: '||SQLERRM||', v_rep_rtn: '||v_rep_rtn);

          END IF;



         end if;


      Now I need it to output to a spreadsheet (Excel) and have it open in the browser or let the user download it


      So I simply change Set_Report_Object_Property(v_report, report_desformat, 'pdf');  to Set_Report_Object_Property(v_report, report_desformat, 'SPREADSHEET'); 


      The file that gets's generated does indeed hold a spreadsheet, but the browser doesn't know, since the file has no extention on it - so the browser simply lets me save it and, then I need to rename it or open it manually, because my PC won't know how to handle the file either.


      It's the same for IE, Chrome and Firefox. Normally they open excel files just fine


      How do I fix this?


      Best regards

      Klaus Mogensen