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    Advanced course on industrial-grade Java ME solutions

    Markus KARG

      This was a great introductional course, and now I am excited of the idea to build a real-world industrial-grade Java ME solution. As some discussions of the past five weeks turned out, there is a huge difference between a Raspberry Pi based prototype and that stuff that finally fits into heavy-duty needs of out-doors, transports, manufacturing, etc. like temperature range, humidity, EMC, abrupt power loss, but also "rock solid" or "self-healing" fallback algorithms allowing a device to run unattended for possibly months or years. I personally would love to see a course which tells us how to go from the result of course 1 (Raspberry Pi prototype) to something one could really sell to truckage companies.


      What do you you think, do you (attendees) like Oracle to provide such a course (possibly including links where one can buy the needed hardware)?

      And what does Oracle think, is there interest in providing such a course, leading attendees to market?




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          I for one have a HUGE interest in the aforementioned ideas.  One of the first things that a friend and I ran into when using an industrial board instead of the breadboard with the RPi was limited ability to handle RS485.  We bought a component to help, but it brought up some interesting discussions on whether or not prototyping on the RPi was useful enough for our needs.


          In any case, you have my vote for classes like this.  Oracle is touting Java as a unifying language to bring the needed developers to the burgeoning IoT market.  The reality is, it's a long way from building web apps and business solutions to doing robust industrial solutions that operate in entirely different conditions.  In my work with the manufacturing industry I came to appreciate the word "robust".


          Even the introductory material in this class shows that for some things it's "back to basics" and I had to code some things that I've not done for years.  But those basics aren't even to the level of basics for embedded systems, namely bit shifting, limited libraries, limited resources, and the other items you mentioned.  One thing I thought about during lesson 5 was, what if the automated install failed?  There wasn't any mention of a rollback option albeit for this class that's overkill.  In the field, an automated rollback may be mandatory.


          I'm long-winded again.  I agree and would sign-up for the classes, both as a student and even a pre-class tester/reviewer of the material.


          Brent S

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            Great observations, Markus and Brent.  I've interest in enrolling in a class that takes me to the next level by addressing real world IoT issues.



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              Fully agree - building robust real-world solutions goes way beyond this course. Java provides important benefits as a robust and cross-platform software environment, but there are many more aspects required to design and deploy rugged embedded products. This is where embedded vendors, specialized system integrators, and embedded solution providers come in and the specifics depends on the use case, industry, and requirements. For example, one of the partners we are working with who is building real-world solutions in industries such as automotive, healthcare, and industrial control is Gemalto. You may want to check with them to see if they have trainings or partners available that could help.


              As for extending the Java embedded course to cover more advanced topics such as robustness, failover, transaction-based processing, supporting ruggedized hardware, etc ... I do believe this would make sense for an advanced Java embedded training in the future, by Oracle or by an Oracle partner.



              -- Terrence

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                +1 from me, I'd also be interested. Furthermore, if there will be such a course in the future from Oracle, do include a topic on "How to get product to Market" .

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                  Mikael Magnusson

                  +1, I would like to attend such a course.

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                    +1, I would love to attend such a course.

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                      I'd also like to take such a course