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    Problem with select list not populating first time when the page is loaded


      Hi ,

                I am using apex and I have a problem when using two list list and sql report in a region


      my first select list has the below query


      SELECT user_type "UserType", web_user_type_uid "ReturnValue"
      FROM   gts_web_user_type
      ORDER BY user_type


      page action when value changed - submit page



      my second select list will populated based on the first list value


      my second select list query is


      SELECT short_name "ShortName", web_user_uid "web_user_uid"

      FROM   gts_web_user

      WHERE  web_user_type_uid = :p36_usertype

      ORDER BY short_name


      page action when value changed - submit page


      my report query is







      gts_get_uid_to_user_type(web_user_type_uid) "USER TYPE",


      from "#OWNER#"."GTS_WEB_USER"

      WHERE web_user_type_uid =:p36_usertype

      AND   web_user_uid = :p36_shortname

      ORDER BY gts_get_uid_to_user_type(web_user_type_uid), short_name



      my problem is when the page first loads the first select list is populated and the second select list which needs to be populated based on the value in the first select list doesnot populate and shows null .

      the second select list and the report is only populated after I start changing values in the first list and not when the page loads .


      example when the page loads

      my first select list has value AGENT Then my second select list should list all the agents -  but doesnot happen

      when I change my selection from AGENT TO CUSTOMER Then my second select list populates and

      when I com back and change my first select list value to AGENT then my second select list populates


      also based on second select list my report populates . it is also has the same problem


      my users need the list and the reports to populate when the page loads for the first time .


      can anyone help me solve this problem .