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      Hi Experts,


      Actually we got an issue like data was not synchronizing with actual data loaded from people soft database through FDM,

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          Francisco Amores

          1) how the UD3 member changes,

          when you get intersection errors they can be either due to:

          - wrong HFM metadata

          - wrong Source data

          - wrong mappings

          You need to evaluate which is your case.

          2) I have not found the member "AT_PS" under HFM hierarchy, again today when i re-import the data i got the error like " The script file name is different from procedure name in the script file".

          Your function name is SC_Act_Data. If you go to Workbench Client or Web Client which is the name of the script file? Both names must be the same.

          This line is incorrect rsAppend.Fields("UD3")           = "AT_TB_PS" '"AT_PS"

          If your correct member is "AT_TB_PS" line should be rsAppend.Fields("UD3") = "AT_TB_PS"


          3) Is the member making any issue with synchronizing the data.

          In this script you are forcing UD3 to have a fixed value for all rows being imported. Therefore your need to make sure that that member is mapped to an existing HFM member in Custom3

          4) will YDAT!=0. makes any issue.

          You are extracting data using a SQL query so the only person that can understand it from the functional perspective is yourself. We don't know what you are storing in column YDAT. The only thing i can tell you is that you are extracting the following columns and that you are filtering by current period in the POV and YDAT <> 0.








               CASE WHEN SUBSTR(ACCT, 4, 1) IN ('1', '2', '3') THEN 'MV_CLOS' ELSE '[NONE]' END MV,



          WHERE FISCAL_YEAR = strFYPeriod AND YDAT != 0