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    How to import Contract Template to Purchase Order


      I want to import/apply contract template from legacy system into Oracle for the given purchase order. If anyone has done this please let me know.


      I checked with Oracle they said there is no interface or api to import contract templates to purchase order so I need some idea on doing this...If anyone has done this please let me know.

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          Kabeer Khan

          1. You need to first Import Contract Templates using package:  OKC_IMP_TERMS_TEMPLATES_PUB in Oracle Procurement Contracts

          2. Then import the Contract Clauses in Oracle Procurement Contracts. Clause Import is a standard feature.

          3. Then attach the imported clauses to Contract Template. If at all you have setup approvals then go for the Template Approvals.

          4. You can then apply this template to the Purchase Order. The manual procedure of applying is to navigate to Professional Buyer's Work Centre > Orders > Open you Purchase Order > (B) Actions > Add Contract Terms > Choose your custom Template > (B) Apply Template


          You use the Clause import feature to import clauses into the Contract Terms Library. In addition to clauses, you can import the following related entities:

          • Variables
          • Value sets that are used in variables
          • Value set values
          • Clause relationships that establish a clause to be an alternate or incompatible with one or more clauses
          • Clause import can also be used on an ongoing basis to update these entities in the library.



          Kabeer Khan