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      working in oracle applications 11i.

      While changing the costable type of an element link from Costed to Fixed Costed we received the following error:

      APP-PAY-06466 : Costable type must be corrected over the whole lifetime of the link.


      The costable type must be the same ovver the whole lifetime of the link.

      This is to ensure data integrity in the system



      Well this error does not appear for all links when I checked this link I found it has a 2 records:

      1. starts on 1st JAN-2000 and ends on 12 - FEB 2008

      2. starts on 13 FEB 2008


      We tried to alter the effective start date from the application front end and update the link and it did not work.


      Finally I updated the record on the database as follows:


      update PAY_ELEMENT_LINKS_f

      set COSTABLE_TYPE ='F'

      where ELEMENT_LINK_ID = XXX

      and EFFECTIVE_END_DATE > sysdate


      Was that unwise? is there any other solution?





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          Vigneswar Battu

          Hi Abeer,


          It is not a good idea to update back-end tables. Oracle will stop supporting your instance.

          You need to go to each physical layer and make it non-costable first. Then you can update all the physical records to the same costable type.

          By physical record, I mean each record in the database - 1-Jan to 12-Feb is one physical record..




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            hi Vignesh,

            I know it's not the smartest thing to do. But what else can I do from the application end? Please advise and explain the steps in detail, if possible

            Also which physical records do you mean should be updated? I am not sure which table exactly are you talking about?




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              Vigneswar Battu

              Hi Abeer,


              The system throws the error, when you have different costable rules for different dates.

              So, you could either delete future or old records to have a single record and then have the costing details.


              Navigate to the first date of the element link record, make the element as not-costed.

              Navigate to the send date for the same link, make it not-costed.

              Do the same for all the records for the element link.

              Now go to whichever record you want and make the link as costed or fixed-costed, based on your business needs.


              Hope that helps.




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                The costable type is the same for both element links. One more thing this element is recurring and linked to formula and a balance. What are the impacts of end dating the link , recreate a new one and reassign it to staff??


                Please help me I don't want to mess up with the production..



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                  Vigneswar Battu

                  Yes, you can end-date the link and create a new one.

                  Just make sure you dont have any element entries for the element.

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                    we do have element entries that's why I am wondering how it would affect the exiting balances



                    help me please

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                      Vigneswar Battu

                      Balances should not be a problem. Balances are driven by run results(not element entries).

                      So you can safely do this -

                      #1. end-date the element entries.

                      #2. create a new link

                      #3. recreate the element entries.


                      But I still do not understand why your existing links are not updatable ?

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                        thanks a lot.


                        that worked finally.


                        Actually I feel i must confess and I wish it help others from repeating my mistakes.

                        I have created a backup table for the two records of the element link and  set

                        COST_ALLOCATION_KEYFLEX_ID =NULL

                        ,BALANCING_KEYFLEX_ID = NULL

                        ,COSTABLE_TYPE ='N' --'C'

                        ,TRANSFER_TO_GL_FLAG = 'N'


                        But that did not solve my problem from the front end and error above still popped up.


                        So, I tried to restore the records to the first state using my backup table. It didn't work. The update trigger failed.


                        However I realized later that the values of COST_ALLOCATION_KEYFLEX_ID are different in both records in the backup table. I guess I should have tried in the first place to undo the last change or set its effective date to the start date of the element link.


                        Thanks a lot Vigneswar. You have been a great help.

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                          Vigneswar Battu

                          Good to hear it worked

                          Most of the times, the error says it all, but we dont realise it.