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    SIGHUP Command Using Non_Root User Id's

    Santhosh Kumar

      Hi All,


      Please let me know if there is any chance of sending "SIGHUP" command to "syslogd" process running on Solaris 11 from my application deployed using user id other than "root".

      My application read the logs sent from syslogd via FIFO owned by application user and not by Root, only sometimes I can see proper logs being displayed from FIFO.


      When I performed manual SIGHUP to "syslogd" process, I can see proper logs being displayed from FIFO for every SFTP transfer.



      This lets syslogd
      perform a re-initialization. All open files are closed, the configuration file
      (default is /etc/syslog.conf) will be reread and the syslog(3)
      facility is started again.