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    Column names pre-populate in editor




      I just have an observation and question. In a previous version of SQL Developer (3.x, I'm not sure which precise build), when typing filters in the data tab of the editor for a table, column names would automatically pre-populate in the drop down.


      In, that no longer happens. You can still click the arrow and see the columns that match, but that's not nearly as convenient. I mean, obviously this isn't a bug, but is there somewhere in the preferences or settings that would re-enable that? Or has that feature been removed entirely?





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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          I do not know the back story on why the Completion Insight feature is no longer automatically "on" for the object viewer's Data tab.  It may be a bug, or it may have been intentional.  The Tools > Preferences... > Code Editor > Completion Insight settings seem to have no effect.


          Fortunately the shortcut key for Completion Insight, Ctrl+Space, either before or after typing something in the Filter input area, works fine.




          SQL Developer Team

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            I had the 'automatic' bit of the feature removed - while typing a column name, the pop-up would frequently get in the way, and it was very hard to select something w/o the already-typed in text not getting corrupted. But like Gary said, you can still get the help, you just have to ask for it.