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    Transaction Approval


      I am trying to configure the ad hoc salary change. I was able to set up the department security tree to see all direct reports. I am able to submit a request, but a error message appears saying there is no approving manager for this transaction and the manager that should get the transaction does not see it in his worklist. Can anyone point me in the right direct on how to fix this problem? Why is the approval workflow not working correctly.

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          It can be bound to a lot of things:

          • Manager who should receive the approval request is not configured to be a workflow user (UserProfile Setting)
          • Approving manager does not have a mail address assigned.
          • Workflow uses a different assignment logic than you would accept
          • etc
          • etc


          If I am not wrong ad hoc salary change does not use AWE yet, but the traditional workflow.

          You would have to look at the workflow event that are triggered to see which logic is used to obtain the approving manager and check the approving managers workflow settings.