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    Configurable BOM components not displayed as order line items




      I have created a model BOM (item number SO-1011) consisting of multiple model and Option Class BOMs. I create an order (as Order Management Super User), I add SO-1011 as a line item, launch the configurator, select my options and quantities and when I return to the SO form, I still see only SO-1011 in line item 1.1. When I try to book the order, I get errors stating that there are no payment terms set for line items 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3 and so on. I also get the "<Item Number> and <UOM> not on <Price List>". So it seems that I am lacking something in my price list configuration even though all of my items are added, with UOMs and prices.

      When I query oe_order_lines_all, the options I set selected in the configurator are there.

      I have checked that all of the components of SO-1011 are customer order enabled, customer orderable and shippable. All line items have been assigned to the price list and can be added to the order as individual items.


      Has anyone experience this before?



      Thank you