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    SQL Developer report folders disappeared


      Yesterday. my Oracle SQL Developer (version shut down unexpectidely.  When I logged back in, the subfolders I had created in the folder "User Defined Reports" had disappeared.  The reports that were in the main User Defined Reports folder were still there, but the subfolders and their contents had disappeared.  What happened and most importantly, how can I get them back?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Any User Defined Reports metadata, including folders, is in (for Windows, as an example) %APPDATA%\SQL Developer\UserReports.xml.


          I tried to simulate your scenario on 3.2.2 by ...

          1. Running ...\bin\sqldeveloper.exe from a Windows command line console.

          2. Creating a dummy folder and copying a report into it.

          3. Issuing a Ctrl+C from the command line to terminate the application.


          After that, checking the UserReports.xml, all those changes were saved despite the abrupt termination.  Not sure why yours either did not get saved or, at a minimum, are not getting displayed in the Reports View.  Can you see them in UserReports.xml?  If you add a new folder, then exit and restart the product, is the folder saved?  Also, more detailed information on your environment (OS, JDK version, use of something like Citrix, use of more than one instance of SQL Developer at the same time, etc) may give us additional clues.



          SQL Developer Team

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            I have checked UserReports.xml (one of the first things I did) and they were not there.


            I am on a Windows 7 PC, Service Pack 1.  I have JDK 6 update 38, and do not access with Citrix.  I use only one instance of SQL developer.

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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              OK, apparently using Ctrl+C does not guarantee that the JVM terminates immediately, as we can read about here...

              Java application not terminating immediatly after CTRL-C


              Therefore my test could not simulate what you suffered when SQL Developer "shut down unexpectidely".  If the reports / folders do not appear in the UserReports.xml, probably they are lost and gone forever.  Especially since the SQL History view does not pick up the queries run from the Reports view. 


              However if you prototyped / ran any of the queries in a worksheet before copying the code to a report, you may be in luck as that goes into the SQL History.  In addition, if you had added this line at the end of your sqldeveloper.conf file

              IncludeConfFile  sqldeveloper-debug.conf

              your Logging view would have one or more lines referencing the SQL queries ran from the Reports view.


              Going forward, I would check the following:

              1. Make sure you can successful save folders and reports to UserReports.xml.

              2. If not, perhaps your user settings got corrupted.

              3. Backup your connections (specifically, Export these), UserReports.xml, etc., before deleting or renaming the system3. folder.

              4. When you restart SQL Developer, you must decide whether or not to migrate prior settings.   

              5. Also it never hurts to upgrade to the latest JDK 1.6.0_xx if you stay with SQL Developer 3.2.2, or 1.7.0_xx if upgrading to 4.0.2.


              Hope this helps,


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                Thanks, it did.  I was not able to get the lost reports back, but fortunately, most of them had been exported at some point in Excel form and contained the SQL code so that they could be reconstructed if still used.