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    Permanently assign a base directory for a pdb in ASM grid infrastructure based  RAC


      Hi mates,

      i'm going to consolidate almost 10 non-cdb databases into a single 12cR1 based container using the multitenant architecture's PDB feature.

      It is not clear, for me, how to deal with the base directory of the PDBs i'm going to create.

      All the documentation i had access to is clear enough for a file-based CDB architecture but I need to consolidate in a 'ASM based' RAC architecture and i'm a bit confused.

      I need to avoid the standard naming convention used by the Oracle Based file naming to assign a 'human readable' name to the ASM folder where the datafiles and tempfiles will be stored.

      After that I want to be sure that local pdb admins will continue to use that folder name and not another of their choice.

      How can I solve this issue?


      Thanks in advance