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    NLS_Sort - Binary_AI option not available in Preferences


      Using the latest Oracle SQL Developer (, the Tools > Preferences > Database > NLS page does not have an option under the Sort property to set BINARY_AI as a choice.




      The application I'm developing using BINARY_AI as part of it's configuration, and when I test SQL statements from the my application in SQL Developer I will get different results unless I remember to manually run an ALTER SESSION command in SQL Developer.


      Can the BINARY_AI option be set in SQL Developer so that I get this behavior on each start up of the application?



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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Hi David,


          It would be easy to add.  The data in the drop-down list of values mainly comes from the NLS locale info, but the BINARY and BINARY_CI are explicitly seeded.  Perhaps this was originally coded prior to the availability of accent insensitive sorting capability.


          For the time-being, you could add the ALTER SESSION command in a login script, and set your preferences to start-up each connection with it:

          Tools > Preferences... > Database > Filename for connection startup script


          SQL Developer Team