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    Which is the best Method for Restoring a Backup in a Secured manner?


      Dear Legends,


      I got a requirement/scenario to restore a backup of Oracle 11gR2 database. Imagine that I'm not aware of the database files and how the backup was taken by someone else. Now I would like to restore it, let me know how and securely the backup can be restored without disturbing the existing environment.


      So for I have crossed the doc

      1. "Introduction to Backup and Recovery"

      2. Oracle Distilled

      3. "www.myoracleworld.net - Installing 11GR2 on redhat 5U5 64-Bit"

      Is there a valid restore document covering only RESTORE a Database using RMAN with oracle Docs?


      My Understanding:

      1. Using RMAN RESTORE command we can restore the database.

      2. A Valid/Consistent backup should be available to restore database in any format which RMAN Understands.

      3. Needed Backup files - SPFile, Control File and Data File


      Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.



      1. What are the things I need to consider before restoring?

      2. What are the Questions/Info that I need to gather ?

      3. Need to Collect ASM Details if any?