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    Java SE with pi4j or Java ME embedded for weather station project?


      Hi all,


      First of all, I'd like to thank Tom, Angela, Simon, Jim, and others at Oracle for this great course!   I knew nothing about how to use I2C before this course (or how to "talk" to a GPS device) and I'd like to use Java to control a DS2482 via I2C to access 1-wire devices for temperature, rain gauge, etc.  The "kit" that I bought for the course already has the BMP180 indoor temperature/barometric pressure so I'm partway there already; and the entire course gave me ideas on how to use a JavaFX GUI to get data from the weather station!  I've been doing some web searching and I see that there is talk about using a pi4J library for Java SE for such things on the Raspberry Pi, so I'm wondering which one I should use: should I use Java ME 8 Embedded which already has the Generic Connection Framework or does Java SE with pi4j library make more sense?  I think some of you might say that the Pi is overkill, but for 35 bucks it's a bargain!  What does the group think?