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    Reverse auto-population to a shell attribute form/ single record instance BP.


      Hi All,


      I was wondering if anyone had experience in reverse auto-populating data from a BP within a shell to that same shell's attribute form or a single record instance BP like Project Information.


      My use case is that I have 7-10 BP's that gain more definition and have data within in them that changes from phase to phase. This leaves a need for one place with the most current information, which I thought Shell Attributes or Project Information.


      That being said as the information changes in theses 7-10 BP's throughout the life of the project the Shell Attribute form and Project Information should be updated via Reverse auto-population.


      Can anyone tell me if this scenario is possible, or if there is another way that i can achieve this?


      Your help would be appreciated!!!

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          Sean Kirkwood (Foresee Consulting)

          Yes, it is possible and fairly simple. Make sure that the DEs from the various BPs that will be passed are on the form of the shell or single instance record.  And make sure that integration is defined for those DEs on the shell or SI record. This is a common mistake, as people forget to define the integration and that is a must for reverse auto-pop.


          Then, on the BPs passing the data, open the form from which they will be passed and look at the properties. Define the reverse auto-pop normally, SI records are always available for this, and shells should be too.