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    Sample business event subscription logic for oracle.apps.po.rcv.rcvtxn

    Jeremy Treague

      I am looking to create a business event subscription for the standard business event "oracle.apps.po.rcv.rcvtxn".


      This business event is fired upon performing a PO receipt, and I confirmed this by running the query below after performing a receipt:


      SELECT *

        FROM apps.wf_deferred

      WHERE corrid = 'APPS:oracle.apps.po.rcv.rcvtxn'

         AND enq_time > SYSDATE - 1/24;


      Does anyone have any sample logic for a subscription on this event?  I am looking to pull out the inventory organization id (organization_id) and transaction_id value for the receipt and drop it into a custom table which will be polled by our SOA middleware platform.  This will be used to drive some third party system integrations.


      Greatly appreciate if anyone could point me to a example subscription on this event that I could use as a reference.